Performing Arts

Responsive. Engaged. Inventive.

The Performing Arts Department is home to a dynamic community of musicians, creative technologists, and progressive faculty and staff.  The program is distinguished by our innovative curriculum, mentor approach to classroom teaching, focus on leadership in the professional musical setting, and our location in Eugene Oregon, highly rated for its performing arts culture.  With a core belief in excellence, ownership, effective leadership, rigorous creativity and collaborative learning, our programs embrace community in and outside of the University across performance disciplines to create work inspired by professionalism, authenticity, imagination and relevance.

Within the Performing Arts Department, students have the opportunity to major or minor in Christian Worship, Contemporary Music Industry, or Music.  Students may audition to participate in the following ensembles at the University.


University Choir & Orchestra

A 50 voice high-energy contemporary choir and orchestra. UCO is featured in the annual “Experience Christmas with NCU” concert as well as performs in NCU’s annual “Spring Desserts” theatrical production as the ensemble and orchestra.


A high-performance ensemble specializing in contemporary pop and gospel music.  Willow is featured regularly in NCU music productions and at community events.

Instrumental Ensemble

The Jazz and Pep Band perform regularly at NCU music events, shows, and games. They occasionally travel and lead worship in the church setting.

The Grove Collective

The Grove Collective is the premier touring ensemble at the University.  After completion of their first year, students may audition for The Grove Collective in one of two tracks: Artistry or Industry.  NCU faculty and staff mentoring coupled with student ownership and initiative creates a thriving, engaging and creative learning environment.

Sampling of Songs from The Grove Collective’s EPs

Grove Worship

Grove Worship consists of “Evergreen” and “Bloom,” – two bands who serve the NCU community through chapel worship and travel in and outside the local community performing at churches, schools, and special events. Students participating in the Artistry track will audition for Grove Worship.

Grove Tech and Production

The Grove Tech and Production team serves alongside Grove Worship in chapel as well as travel in and outside the local community with the bands. Students participating in the Industry track will audition for Grove Tech and Production.

Booking The Grove Collective

If you are interested in having The Grove Collective visit your church, school or event, please call 541-684-7281 or email for booking information.

Dramatic Story-Telling Team

A team of actors that brings biblical stories to life.  They currently work alongside The Grove Collective to serve in chapel.



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