Local Outreach

The mission and purpose behind every community outreach event at NCU is inspired by the question of “If NCU were to disappear, would our community notice?” NCU desires to be a present part of the local area and a tangible expression of God’s love for the people of Lane County. This is accomplished partly through our two signature outreach events: Embrace the Community (ETC) Day and the Touch Project.

Beyond our two key events, students are encouraged to engage in regular volunteering, and to invest in relationships with local organizations and with those they are serving. We are called daily to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and at NCU we desire to create an environment that enables and motivates our students to live that out.

Embrace The Community (ETC) Day


ETC Day takes place early in the Fall semester and consists of the entire campus (students, staff, and faculty) teaming up to serve local non-profit organizations. Classes are canceled for half of the day to allow everyone the freedom to participate, and the event is capped off by a debrief time to discuss how we impacted the community and how serving the community impacted us. NCU partners with organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul, Food for Lane County, South Hills Rehabilitation Center, Teen Challenge, Hannah’s House, Hosea Youth Services, the Eugene Mission, and much more.

The Touch Project

IMG_5918The Touch Project takes place during the spring semester, and it provides our students with the opportunity to serve and lovingly interact with the local individuals who are in need. In the weeks leading up to the event, students collect donations such as clothing, hygiene products, accessories, Bibles, and whatever else they determine someone who is homeless might be able to utilize. On a Saturday, the campus community joins together at a designated location to spend the afternoon meeting the needs of community members. The day is filled with live music, a delicious barbecue, haircuts, makeovers, children’s activities, donations galore, and most importantly, Christians who are firsthand extending the love of Christ to those who may not have known it before. The Touch Project is designed to help individuals feel valued and precious in the eyes of their Father as many members of the community are rarely treated with such value. As our students step out of their comfort zone, they enter in with the desire to reach out and touch someone who may have been deemed “untouchable.”