ASNCU encourages the student body to participate in and start a variety of different activities and interest groups on campus. The process of recognizing official student groups is designed to provide structure and support, including faculty sponsorship, possible Student Body funding, and access to campus bulletin boards and facilities. There are two opportunities during the school year for groups to be recognized by the ASNCU Senate. The first occurs at the end of the spring semester, which will establish a group’s status for the upcoming school year. The second opportunity occurs within the first month of the fall semester for any group not recognized during the spring semester meeting.

Interested in joining a club here at NCU?

Check out the clubs below and see if any of them interest you. If you are interested in joining a club at NCU, please contact the Office of Student Life at 541-684-7345.

Previous Clubs Offered at NCU

Beacon Board Games provides an environment for competition and cooperation in a fun and supportive way while also encouraging creative problem solving and allowing for friendship and fellowship to form through board games.

Rejoice Dance Club provides a fun and healthy place for people to express themselves through dance, and ultimately, rejoice through movement to glorify God.

Eta Theta Xi the History Makers, promotes the study and discussion of history at NCU, to provide opportunities for social engagement, to recognize meritorious historical research and scholarship, to provide information on employment opportunities and vocational advising, to publicize community and inter-collegiate events and serve as liaison with historical societies and other institutions.

The Book Club brings people together to discuss bigger ideas about life, work, and vulnerability. They meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at noon in the BG Lounge.

Kairos is a community of artists who help one another to create–no matter what the medium–and to perfect one’s work. It is a safe space for NCU students to make their ideas come to life, to share work with others, and to collaborate with other artists. In addition to creating art, Kairos also engages in appreciating the arts by hosting and attending various arts-related activities and events.

Psychology Club allows students to enhance their understanding and appreciation of psychology through social and educational activities.

Additional Clubs:

  • Pacific Islander Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Community Service Club
  • Student Veteran Association
  • Beacon Blue Crew
  • Culture Club
  • Paintball Club
  • Self-Defense Club

How to Start a Club

Club applications will be available at the beginning of fall semester. For questions, please contact the Office of Student Life at 541-684-7345.