Spiritual Life

Campus Ministry is designed to provide an environment of spiritual formation where students can grow in their relationship with Christ through participation in chapel, programming, small group ministry, and serving others. Bushnell seeks to encourage student’s spiritual lives in authentic community through chapel, Embrace The Community Day, mission trips, service projects, small groups, pastoral care, and other spiritual life events.


Chapel provides a place for students, faculty and staff to come together and connect with God, build community, enable worship, educate vocationally, and foster spiritual formation.

Chapel is not intended to replace church, and students are encouraged to find a local church where they can worship and engage in fellowship each week. Chapel is simply another opportunity to build relationship with Christ.

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Small Groups

Small groups are a place for students to gather and engage deeper in their spiritual life and community. Groups are led by students, faculty, and staff members.

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Mission Trips

Cross-cultural service trips and overseas missions allow students to experience and expand their vision of what God is doing and how we can serve around the world. These opportunities to serve are a chance to strengthen one’s faith, show compassion, go beyond one’s comfort zone, be exposed to the injustice, and inspire individuals to participate in the work of the kingdom. Past mission trips locations have included San Francisco, Houston, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Mexico.

Local Outreach

Bushnell provides a number of opportunities to serve in the name of Jesus, often partnering alongside local ministries and not-for-profits. Through annual events such as Embrace the Community Day and the Touch Project, Bushnell University students become aware of needs in our community and are able to connect outside of campus.

Touch Project

The Touch Project takes place during the spring semester, and it provides our students with the opportunity to serve and lovingly interact with the local individuals who are in need. In the weeks leading up to the event, students collect donations according to the needs of the community.

Then students, faculty, and staff partner up with local organizations for a day of service.

The Touch Project is designed to help individuals feel valued and precious in the eyes of their Father as many members of the community are rarely treated with such value. As our students step out of their comfort zone, they enter in with the desire to reach out and touch someone who may have been deemed “untouchable.”

Pastoral Care

Campus Ministry staff are available whenever a student needs a safe place for prayer, guidance, support, encouragement, mentoring, and nurturing in the Christian faith. Appointments can be made through the Office of Student Life, 541-684-7345.

Local Churches

We encourage students to find and build a relationship with a local church. Our annual Church Fair, held each Fall, is designed to provide students with the opportunity to meet with representatives from a number of local congregations to find out more about their church communities.