Residence Life

Research has shown that students living on campus have greater involvement in the campus community, achieve higher grades, have increased contact with faculty members and students, have additional opportunities for leadership development, and are more likely to graduate!

Welcome to Residence Life at Bushnell University

Bushnell University believes that the residential experience is educationally beneficial to all students and an important part of the University experience.

Bushnell University is committed to ensuring the academic and personal success of each student.

For this reason, we require that all students under 21 years of age live on campus. We offer a variety of housing options to best fit your needs.

Below you will find information regarding on-campus housing costs, various on-campus housing options for undergraduates, different Bushnell University on-campus housing policy forms, and a list of Bushnell University Residence Life frequently asked questions.

Important Dates for the 2020-2021 School Year

Fall Semester 2020

Move In: Thursday, August 20, 8 am – 12 pm

Meals Begin: Friday, August 21, Dinner

Returning Students Move In: Saturday, August 22, 10 am

Holiday Dates

Thanksgiving Break: Thursday, November 26 through Sunday, December 3 – Campus housing will remain open but the cafeteria will be closed. Last meal served will be dinner on Wednesday, November 25. Meals will resume Sunday, December 3 at dinner.

Christmas Break: Saturday, December 12 through Sunday, January 10 – Campus housing will be closed beginning at noon on Saturday, December 12. Last meal of the semester will be dinner on Friday, December 11. Housing will re-open Saturday, January 9 at noon.

Spring Semester 2021

Move In: Saturday, January 9

Meals Begin: Sunday, January 10, Dinner

Move Out: Saturday, May 8, 10 am

Meals End: Friday, May 7, Dinner

Spring Holiday Dates

Spring Break: Monday, March 22 through Friday, March 26 – Campus housing will remain open but the cafeteria will be closed. Last meal served will be dinner on Sunday, March 21. Meals will resume Sunday, March 28 for dinner.

On Campus Living Options

We currently offer several different styles of on-campus housing options that provide an encouraging, educational environment for students located conveniently near classrooms, library, and athletic facilities. There are one traditional residence hall, several townhouses, and two apartment-style living areas. Each living area is also equipped with internet and security services. All students who are under 21 years of age shall live on campus. For a complete overview of Bushnell University’s residency requirements, please consult the Bushnell University Student Handbook.

Burke-Griffeth Residence Hall

Burke-Griffeth Residence Hall (commonly known as BG) has two designated floors – one for women and one for men.  The floors are comprised of three designated halls for women and two halls for men which usually house freshmen and sophomore students. Each hall has a large community bathroom and each floor has a kitchen area, lounge, and laundry services. The cafeteria, coffee shop, and security services are located on the first floor of the BG building.

Mom Richart Apartments

Mom Richart offers one-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a full kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Apartment doors open to a common hallway. A parking lot and laundry room are conveniently located underneath the building.

Works Village

Works Village is comprised of 4 buildings – two buildings with single-occupancy rooms, one building with double-occupancy rooms, and one building with a variety of room styles. All buildings are located within a locked gate. Each apartment contains a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room.  The laundry room is centrally located underneath one of the buildings.


The Townhouses are located on Hilyard Street across from the Hilyard apartments. We have both 4- and 5-bedroom options, which house 6-10 students each, with up to 2 single rooms available per townhouse. Each townhouse contains a full kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a living area, washer, and dryer. Townhouse bedrooms contain beds, desks and dressers for each occupant.

Housing Costs

Burke-Griffeth Hall*, Double occupancy room, 19 meals per week: $5,025 per semester

Burke-Griffeth Hall*, Single occupancy room, 19 meals per week: $6,025 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Double occupancy room, 5 meals per week: $4,925 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Single occupancy room, 5 meals per week: $6,025 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Double occupancy room, 10 meals per week: $5,540 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Single occupancy room, 10 meals per week: $6,640 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Double occupancy room, 15 meals per week: $6,155 per semester

Apartment/Townhouse, Single occupancy room, 15 meals per week: $7,255 per semester

*Includes triple room: The triple occupancy room is slightly larger in size. Single rooms are reserved for special circumstances and are based on availability.

**Apartments are reserved for upperclassmen in good standing. Additional meals can be added to meal plan.

Additional Meals:

3 Additional Meals per week: $435 per semester

5 Additional Meals per week: $715 per semester

10 Additional meals per week: $1,465 per semester

Housing Policy

Residence Requirement

As a residential campus, we provide both traditional residence hall and apartment-style housing options for our students. Bushnell University’s housing policy means that most students live on campus for three years. Students who are married, over 21, or living with their parents are automatically exempt from on-campus residency. In this strong living-learning community you will be living with students from a variety of backgrounds as you learn and grow together. Join the campus community and experience a place where you can shine both in and out of the classroom. Exemptions to the housing policy are reviewed by the Housing Committee once an Exemption Request form to move off campus is submitted. This form must be submitted to the Office of Student Life by May 1 for Fall Housing.

Click here for the Housing Exemption Form

For a complete overview of Bushnell University’s residency requirements, please consult the Student Handbook.


New student check-in happens on the first day of Orientation in the fall and spring. Specific move-in information will be sent with Orientation materials. The Residence Life team will meet you at the end of the Orientation “check-in/registration” tables where you will receive your key and room condition form.

Personal Property Insurance

Information regarding personal property insurance will be given out when students check into their housing assignment. Personal property insurance may be purchased for residence hall room and apartment contents, but is not required. We also encourage you to check your homeowner’s policy because many policies will include coverage for student belongings while at college.

Housing Forms

New Students Living on Campus

Each year, incoming residents must fill out a Room & Board Agreement along with a New Student Housing Profile. The New Student Profile is used to match students together based on their preferences and interests.

New Student Housing Profile

Room & Board Agreement

Returning Students Living on Campus

Returning residents must complete a Returning Room & Board Agreement and Student Housing Application. The Room & Board Agreement is used for housing preference. The Student Housing Application provides returning students with the opportunity to choose who they would like as a roommate for the following year.

Residence Life on MyBushnell

Students Living Off Campus

All students who wish to live off campus must submit a University Housing Exemption Form.

Automatic exemptions are given to students who are:

  • Commuting daily from a student’s permanent home of residence of their parent/legal guardian
  • 21 years or older before September 1
  • Married
  • Parent/legal guardian caring for a dependent child

The Housing Committee meets to determine whether an exemption is permitted for the following reasons:

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Special Circumstances

Housing Exemption

About Residence Life

Residence Life Mission Statement

At Bushnell University, Residence Life strives to construct a community that is built on the importance of Christ, Learning and Service.

Policies and policy enforcement are based on Christian values, the importance of promoting a living-learning community, and encouraging ethical decision-making in campus housing. Bushnell living areas are a microcosm of the greater community, church, and the world.  Students live among diverse opinions, cultures, and lifestyles.  Part of living in the residential community is learning how to negotiate differences and build bridges between people.

The values of Bushnell University are reflected in the objectives utilized by the Resident Assistants.  Each Resident Assistant will work to develop a community in their living area focused on the four Residence Life objectives: Community, Learning, Service, and Christ.


Resident Assistants live with residents and assist with residential student needs including programming, maintenance needs, and policy enforcement. Resident Assistants lead programs for their residents that focus on social, spiritual, and relational wellness. Hall program examples include craft projects, Residence Hall Music Videos, movie nights, or community service projects.

Our Resident Directors (RD) live in each of our residential areas as live-on administrators providing Bushnell University with a 24/7 staffing presence. This professional staff member provides residential students the support that they need to navigate their college living-learning environment and also promotes the safety of our on-campus students.

Residence Life FAQ

What are the housing options?

One floor in Burke-Griffeth is designated for male students and one floor for female students. Mom Richart apartments are comprised of double and single occupancy units, so floors can easily accommodate both males and females. The Works Village apartments have single occupancy apartments, double occupancy apartments, and larger bedroom (four resident) units. Townhouses house 6-10 students in a combination of single and double rooms. Every apartment or townhouse has its own kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

What internet access is available on campus?

Every building and residential area has free WiFi available to students. If you are having trouble connecting to the Bushnell University internet, please contact the Help Desk.

What should I bring with me for living in campus-provided housing?

Bushnell University provides beds, dressers, desks, and chairs for each student. Anything else the student would like to have must be purchased. Here are some specific things to remember:

Bring bed linens for extra-long twin beds.

Bring a surge-protected power bar. Fire codes prohibit the use of extension cords of any kind in the living areas. Only power bars with surge protectors are allowed.

We recommend that you contact your future roommate to coordinate bringing larger items like a TV, stereo, large chairs, couches, mini-fridge, etc.

What NOT to bring:

  • Firearms, ammunition, weapons
  • Pets that won’t live underwater
  • Candles, incense

For a full list, please refer to the Student Handbook.

When will I find out where I am assigned and who my roommate(s) will be?

We typically send out room assignments in mid-July. When you receive your room assignment, it will include the name and contact information for your roommate.

How many roommates will I have?

Typically only one roommate. Our housing options are standard double-occupancy. There are some options that involve a single or triple room in Burke-Griffeth Hall; however, those are very limited and are only considered under unique circumstances.

When can I move in?

The official check-in day for fall is the first day of Orientation, where you will receive your keys. Some students are required to move in early because they are involved with an athletic team, music group, or other activity. If you are involved with one of those groups, you will receive specific information about your arrival date.

Where do I go to check in?

Specific instructions will be given prior to your arrival on campus. Check-in will take place in the Hutchins Hall in the Morse Center.