Beacon Nights

On Friday nights students can attend free Beacon Nights.

One thing we never hear concerning student activities is “there’s nothing to do around here.” So if you’re looking for a university that has a community built-in, look no further.



If you love competing, enjoy being on a team, or want to venture into a new sport, Intramurals are a great way to get involved and stay active. Form your own team or join an existing group of friends, roommates, faculty, and staff in a regulated game of volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, powder puff football, and more. The program also offers outdoor recreation and fitness programming.


Sophomore Year Experience

Designed only for Sophomores to inform and engage them in their college journey. This is an opportunity for students to hear from a speaker about their experience as a sophomore in college and how they were able to navigate through the rest of their time at Bushnell Unviersity and how they chose a career to follow. This is also a time for students to come together as a class and share an experience together.