Knowledge you’ve gained outside the classroom from professional training or life experiences could translate to college credit through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program. If you’re an undergraduate student or thinking of becoming one, you might be closer to a degree than you think.​​​​​​

Graduate Faster

For every three credits you earn through Prior Learning Assessment, you’ll graduate eight weeks faster.

Save Tuition Costs

For every three credits you earn through Prior Learning Assessment, you’ll save over $1,300 in tuition.

How It Works

There are two ways Prior Learning Assessment might work for you…

Submit past training for credit

You may be able to earn credit for what you’ve learned through your employer or other training agencies.

From real estate and healthcare certifications to public safety or hospitality training, you may have more experience than you think. Achievements that can potentially translate to credit include:

  • Certifications
  • Licenses
  • Trainings
  • Other specializations

Bushnell University uses the  American Council on Education  to award training credit.

Earn credit by submitting a portfolio

Tell us what you’ve learned from a past experience and tie that experience directly to a specific course in your degree program at Bushnell. The PLA portfolio process and policies have been structured in alignment with CAEL Ten Standards for Assessing Learning.

Learn More

Whether you’re already enrolled or thinking about applying, we’ll help you identify potential credit-saving opportunities. Contact us at or 541-684-7343.

“Being a working mom, I am so grateful to Bushnell University for offering such an outstanding program that offers the opportunity to gain college credit from past working experiences. For me personally, being allowed to complete a large portion of my elective credits by utilizing the PLA process allowed me to start my major courses earlier than I anticipated. Having the flexibility of online and night courses allowed me to continue my management career during the day, and the school work requirements were reasonable enough that my personal and family time was only minimally affected. If you are considering continuing your education, and are a busy working mom like me, Bushnell is the place to be!” -Joy Woodke