Studying abroad is about much more than just having a great travel experience – it can produce significant returns on your investment for your academic, personal, and professional life.

There are three main ways you can study abroad at Bushnell University:

  1. Bushnell University Faculty Summer Program (Italy and Mexico for Summer 2020)
  2. Exchange Programs
  3. Semester Study Abroad

Visit the Study Abroad page for more information on each program!

There are many career benefits to studying abroad. Studying abroad can help you compete in an increasingly global workforce. In fact, 73% of employers say study abroad is important when evaluating resumes of junior-level position candidates. In addition, 90% of employers believe that students who have studied abroad are likely to possess highly desirable skills.

For more information about how to apply, click here. You can meet with the Off-Campus Study Programs Coordinator to discuss how to make studying abroad fit into your financial and graduation timeline needs.

Bushnell University has joined the Institute of International Education’s Generation Study Abroad initiative to help more Americans gain international experience through study abroad programs. IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative seeks to mobilize resources and commitments with the goal of doubling and diversifying the number of U.S. students studying abroad by the end of the decade.

For Additional Information Contact:
Lauren Riley, M.S.
Academic Advisor &
Off-Campus Study Programs Coordinator

M.S., California State University, Sacramento B.A., Grove City College Primary Responsibilities: Provide administrative academic …