Rare Bible Collection

The bulk of Northwest Christian University’s Rare Bible collection was acquired in 1911. J.A. Bushnell, first chair of the Board of Regents, and his wife Sarah gave a gift of $1000 to college founder and President Eugene Sanderson to visit England to purchase Bibles for the fledgling college, then called Eugene Bible University. He was able to purchase several editions which it would be impossible to find in a like manner today. Over the years the collection has been added to through other gifts and acquisition of fine facsimile editions of Bibles not otherwise in the collection. The Friends of the Library has been raising money over the past several years for ongoing restoration and conservation work on these Rare Bibles.

More information for viewing of NCU’s Rare Bibles can be found by contacting a librarian.

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Rare Bible Timeline

AD 1382 - Wycliffe Bible, first version

AD 1525 - Tyndale's New Testament

AD 1535 - Coverdale's Bible

AD 1537 - Matthew's Bible

AD 1539 - The Great Bible

AD 1560 - The Geneva Bible

AD 1568 - The Bishops' Bible

AD 1582 - The Rheims (Douai) New Testament, AD 1609-1610 - The Douai Old Testament

AD 1611 - The King James Bible



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