Scholarly Activity

At NCU, the faculty lead by example in their scholarly activities, and encourage students to reach for scholarly excellence through research, presentations, and publishing papers.

The best teachers in the world are those who are not only life-long learners, but instill this love for learning in their students.

Our faculty are continually engaged in scholarly research activities and professional development, attending conferences and learning while they teach. You can see it in their interactions with students, and you can hear it in their words of encouragement, advice, and mentorship. The NCU faculty invest themselves in the success of their students.

The Scholarly Activities Reports allow a view into the exciting and important work being done by the NCU faculty and students outside of the classroom. In these reports, you will discover examples of current faculty and student publications, speaking engagements, community and church service, and many other professional activities.


Through involvement in scholarly research in the field, attending professional conferences, publishing a paper, writing a book review, or participating in an archeological dig, NCU faculty continually strive to learn and grow professionally.

Faculty Reports


Academic Creativity and Excellence (ACE) Day is held each semester to provide an opportunity for senior students to present their capstone research projects and other students to present research from individual classes. Students are also involved in a variety of off-campus scholarly activities including essay competitions, forensics competitions, public speaking opportunities, and volunteer services.

For details, see the Academic Creativity and Excellence page and the Student Scholarly Activities reports.

Student Reports