Career Development

Embrace your Calling!

Our goal in Career Development is to empower and equip individuals to embrace their vocational calling and engage in opportunities to make meaningful career and life contributions. We strive to provide quality services and resources for students, faculty & staff, alumni, employers, and community partners. We hope to facilitate a greater understanding of how God created each individual and help them discern the call placed upon their life! Whether they are entering the world of work for the first time or changing careers, we seek to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to do so with confidence. We are committed to guiding students through the process of establishing professional and lifework goals and taking the steps to achieve them.

Developing Purposeful Graduates

Over the course of the educational journey at NCU, we partner with students in intentional ways to help them discern and pursue God’s call upon their life. It starts with the first year and progresses through graduation. We’ve developed a model to guide you through each step. Each phase builds on previous stages and provides practical actions you can take to grow in knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence.

Counseling & Assessments

By taking a variety of assessments and discussing the results with a career development professional, students can identify majors and career options that best align with their unique combination of strengths, preferences, skills, interests, and values. Such alignment is linked to increased job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. Even for students who already have a sense of what God is calling them to do, an appointment with a career development professional can help develop a plan for fulfilling it. Schedule an appointment today!

Career & Occupational Information

What can I do with this major? The world of work is full of possibilities. By researching various occupations, students can select one that best fits them. Occupational information helps students know what to expect in relation to educational requirements, projected growth, day-to-day functions, and salary and wages. We assembled a collection of some of the best resources for enrolled students in MyNCU.


Internships are the new entry level job! Every bachelor’s degree in the traditional undergraduate program includes an internship component. Internships are designed to prepare students for a career in their chosen field by integrating academic coursework with practical application. It is also an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge, refine skills and abilities, obtain valuable work experience, and expand their professional network. We partner with companies and organizations in the local community to provide quality internship experiences. Learn more about NCU’s internship program.

Employment & Job Search

In this economy, competition is fierce. Success in securing employment involves customized and targeted materials that showcase one’s accomplishments. One size does not fit all when it comes to resumes and cover letters. We provide students with job search tips and strategies for how to present their qualifications effectively and confidently – online, on paper, and in person. We also facilitate connections with potential employers and internships.

Graduate School

For some students, graduate school is a natural next step to achieving their career aspirations. We provide resources and assistance in identifying programs of study, preparing for tests, writing essays, and performing in interviews. If an advanced degree is part of a student’s career development, we want to help them get there!