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Registrar Information

Looking for a form, transcript, or simply want to review the current policies? The Registrar’s Office is here to serve you by maintaining accurate records, upholding academic integrity, and providing tools for aiding and reporting student academic progress.

Records Policies

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act clearly states your rights as a student at Northwest Christian University. If you are unsure about any of the definitions or statements found in the document, please contact the Office of Registrar.



Current and past Academic Catalogs for Undergraduate Majors, Adult Degree Programs, and Graduate Studies are an available online resource for your review.

These catalogs are provided for guidance in course selection and program planning. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in these catalogs, in no sense is it to be considered a binding contract, and it may be changed by action of appropriate bodies within the university.

Courses listed in these catalogs are subject to change through normal academic process. New courses and changes in existing course work are initiated by the appropriate school, department, or program, and approved by the Office of Academic Affairs and the university faculty. Changes to the curriculum are published on this website and in the schedule of classes.

Academic Catalogs


Current students can view their grades and unofficial transcripts through MyNCU. However, if you require an official transcript, click here and review the process. It’s simple and quick.

Transcript Request

Diploma Replacement

You may request replacement diplomas at a replacement cost of $25 per diploma.

Diploma Replacement