Academic Advising

The Mission of the Office of Academic Advising is to provide intentional mentorship, collaboration, and advocacy to students and empower them to clarify direction, develop an individualized path, and fulfill their personal and academic potential.

The Office of Academic Advising provides individualized academic advising services for all students at NCU. Whether a graduate or undergraduate, each student is assigned an academic advisor who serves as the student’s primary contact for any questions pertaining to academic life at NCU. As advisors, we seek to build relationships with our students so we can understand and relate to the whole person. We recognize that many factors impact both your academic decisions and performance. We strive to look at the big picture while advising students. Our goal is to provide support and mentorship in a proactive, supportive way. We encourage students to check in with their academic advisors regularly, and also to connect with faculty and other resources on campus. While your academic advisor is an important resource, we encourage students to take ownership of their academic progress and to remember that it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to meet degree requirements.


It is important to understand what support your advisor will provide and what is expected of you as the student. NCU's goal is to help students accomplish their academic goals by providing expertise, advice, encouragement, referrals, and other support services. Students are expected to take responsibility for their education.


Here are some of the ways students can maximize their partnership with their academic advisor.

Advisors Commit To

    • Provide a safe and respectful space to ask questions, discuss interests, and express concerns.
    • Understand and effectively communicate degree & program requirements and institutional policies & procedures.
    • Empower students to make informed decisions regarding courses, majors, minors, and other curricular opportunities.
    • Refer students to relevant resources both on and off campus.

Advisors Expect Student To

    • Check campus email account regularly, the official form of communication at NCU.
    • Embrace and take ownership of goals, decisions, and actions.
    • Maintain open and respectful communication.
    • Prepare for appointments with questions, discussion topics, or courses for registration.
    • Become familiar with University programs, policies, and procedures.